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Green and Blue and You

Only seeing green and blue

Softest colours through

Shades of the day on view

It’s all just green and blue

Soulful meandering visions

Soothing melancholic moments

Earths perfect in spite of me and you


Every silhouetted line of imagination

Calls out for tender caressing tones

Nature’s creation of innocence

Forever evoked green of growth

Hovering healing bellowing blues

The world was built on green and blue


She’s now howling evaporating sorrow

Swallowing herself whole yearning solely

For full circle’s worth of green and blue

To be once again valued above

Greed’s reaching nasty grasp

Placed in its rightful place

The pillar of every day’s tomorrow


Surrounding your day in the life

with as many gently easing greens

Blues that you’ve got any sense or clue

Absorbing, undoubtedly leaves your being

In a sustained peachy clean state

To find meaning in your place

No need for the cold hard concrete pace

No need for the unnatural race

Just your beauty alluring

Just you, green and blue

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