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Take It Slow to Take It in

The slow road never gets enough credit

Taking it in as you take it slow

Rarely grips onto the made masses

Busily grappling with their go, go shows


Too busy to smell the fallen pine needles

Collected in warm heaps across wet paths

Taking note of each unperturbed piece

Passing, flicking in concession fence, uninhabited

House, person rotting, mouse hiding


Whenever, wherever, taking time

To walk beside the moment

Instead of to the moment

Before you reach the moment

The slow lane, the slow way

The slow escapade, the slow ending

The slower you go the longer you’ve got


Society is in a race with itself

To acquire, to attain, to circumnavigate

To own, to serve, to purge on what’s

Being served up, steaming hot, ready to go

Swarmed at by the bumbling masses

To be surrounded by what’s on the boil

What’s being shoved in our faces


We’ve forgotten the age of our souls

How long we’ve really got, here, there

Somewhere else, the slower you go

The more you stand to learn, to grow

And to see, see people see

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