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They Got Us Believing

They got us head over broken heels believing

Believing in the everlasting entity of more

More money means more of, ahh, hmmm, more what?

More power? More happiness? More hope? More security?

Security to keep on living a

Consuming snowballed existence


This mortal quest for more money

Keeps the thumb dug in more than anything

They entrap you with shiny lights

Loud voices and famous faces

Turds polished as presents


All kinds of tremendous trickery

Has been invested into the modern way

To keep you interested

To keep you in check

For as long as your searching

For what they want of you

Then they’ve got you made

They own you in that moment


From the radio call in cash prize

to the stink of stale beer

Going down sour slot machines

To the life changing lottery, you won’t win

To the spirit crushing jobs spun

On the corporate rat wheel

Mix in the social status of owning this

And having that

And it’s all designed against you

The common man only stands to lose

When bargaining his chips

Against the idea of more

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