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Ikea Won't Get You There

Life craves the safe seat

The resonance chair

The pew with a view

To delight without freight

Soothing soul’s nestled restful

Comfortingly raw and bare side


A place to sit softly perched

As the birds perch on the worn

Down part of their perfect branch

Somewhere intrinsically linked

To the pull of their being

Aligned with sun, wind, warmth, cold

Somewhere, some place, some

Thing to feel a constant

Gravity of connection within

The parameters of a day, a year

A lifetime, somewhere where the

World aligns just for you


Where you’re untouchable

In the physical

To give time to the spiritual

Elders of tribes past knew the

Importance that this divulging

To the wonders of the world

Resting to realise place, meant


Know that Ikea won’t get you there

A place where the elements

Have been accounted for

To allow you to let go

To tap out of what’s expected

To tap into the rest of it

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