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It's Mostly Bland Man

Life isn’t solely about

Striving for greatness

Sure, greatness is great

And it may come along

From blue moon to time

Appreciate it when it does

But it’s a fable of myth and deceit

Greatness is


You must sit down and set your life’s

Irrational radar straight, no sugar to coat

No beating the bush, no dancing around

No time to lie to your misguided self

Just cock both eyes on the dull prize

Looking straight down your barrel


Aim to embrace the mediocre

The mundane and lame

The middle frumpy chunk

For this is where you spend

Most of your life’s time


Turning the key on fulfilment

Keeping your head on

Knowing your heart is strong

Comes from the moments of not

Worth mentioning mediocrity

From accepting that life is mostly bland



Tirelessly soak in the tame

Until your rose-tinted glasses

Lay nakedly bare to witness

The invisible grains of greatness

Sprinkled into the grey wash of life

Where the sun comes face to face

With your mortal, moral fate

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