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The Early Bird Escapes the Engine

When this day’s morning

Gives you a hollering

Holy perfect moment yearning

Ethereal pre-dawn dreaming

Mystical sensed out thinking

When you become linked with

The endless transcendence


A liberated and righteous

Rainbow’s worth of colour and hope

Dancing on top of

The escaping nights sky

With the grace and agony

Of a thousand singing souls

Angelic spirits churning

Climbing on ceaseless stairways forming

Flying higher than yesterday’s gates

With an excited exulted exuberant evanescence

With a real fleeting chance of feeling freedom


Surfing among the morning stars

Encapsuled between the purple haze

Being the first and last to witness

Perfect curling pockets a blaze

With the birds and the offshores

Winds sweeping sands to never ever lands


Witnessing the whole scope of serenity

The birds extended and soaring

Honing their beaks with focus

Aimed at the exact concoction

Waves delicately kissing

Caressed by the cheek of wind

Soaking in the rainbow’s escape

Floating on and up and above

To be as free as the bird

You must learn to sneak between the herd


Before the system starts stomping its boot

Churning out its dedicated disciples

Of law and desperation disorder

Before the system has awoken

Its growling puffy self

Its shaking deafly screaming

Night terrors of total control being

Before they slap you with something

Printed, a preened and proper demand

Noticing you to open your fingers

To lay your hand empty and bare

To cheapen your ideals of self

Your dreams become sold to the state

Your money risks dying for nothing

Your freedoms are thrust down

Drowning on gurgling bottoms shelf

Sold to the highest bidder

For sweet fuck Mary and Jesus all

An instruction to reach down

Into that empty back pocket

To pull out past 

Magic rabbits missing

Deaf and dole drummed ear

To pay with your damaged

And counted for pennies

Paying with little miss piggy’s

Secret rainy days shrivelled stash


When freedom becomes cheapened

Priced on the idea of control

That’s when you know

Deepest of the down

Buried within your flaming soul

That they’ve stumbled too far

Down deaf bunny’s crumbling hole


The ocean doesn’t know

It’s been locked away

The waves don’t know

They’re on stolen time

The wind doesn’t know

It’s feathering the curl in vain

The birds can’t know how diseased

Our society’s beliefs have become

Law and order and better judgement

Have ruled against the ocean


So for now you will find me

Ruling against someone else’s judgement

Finding myself through

Before morning freedom

Riding the rainbows freaky curl

Long before the rising tones

Of today’s accusing sun


Before the fines have been printed

You’ll find me surfing empty handed

And full fucking minded

Down the way

Toward the end

Rolling myself confused

Toward the purple beginning

Of the morning of the earth

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