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The Perfect Amount

To be just two of you

A copine and copain

Sharing everything as you figure it out

All of life’s cherished and saddened moments

To see each other as beyond bare

Stripped of pretence and fear

Just sitting, staring, longing

Senses ending elsewhere 


Tonight, we open up

The tantalising smells

The deepened potential

Of a whole, entirely complete

Bottle of French red wine

The perfect amount for two

Just me and you


Love has been dreamt up

And slurped down

With just one bottle

The correct amount

To be puffy in our thoughts

Clouds of cumulus swirling around our brains

Soaking in more and more exulted neurons

As we become elated in the misty haze


The outside world doesn’t relate to this

Can’t touch this precious melting joke

It’s out there

With its larger and smaller quantities of wine

While we’re in here

Sipping the exact amount


The world can have its casks

Its half full glasses

For we have just us and our wine

To have succumbed to the pertinence

of this here bottle

And all that is represents

As we beg for the act of defiance

To remain right here and now

For just one precise sip more

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